Friday, April 28, 2017

What a great photo.

A lovely shot of the Lord Nelson in full sail.

Moby Dick strikes again.

Friday Green having a whale of a time .Moby Dick strikes again and the formation of the Alresford and Wivenhoe football club. Some of the Committe names i can make out are A.K. Barlow, George Durrell, William Head, Mr. Tabor and Mr. Watson.

Anything for a get together

Edward V11's coronation at Wivenhoe in 1902.
Left click on image for super size.

Henry (Guy) and Frank Downing outside Broadway House where they lived in Anglesea Road.

Another Cook's boat.

Another Cook's boat the HOOKNESS. Built at the yard in 1969 as a salvage vessel for the Port of London Authority.

They loved the soft mud.

Old steam yachts laying down the sea wall .  they overwintered here in the soft mud berths .  Just what their owners liked.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Smart looking sailors.

Bill Blackwood of Wivenhoe and Jack Holland of Brightlingsea aboard the Royal Racing yacht Britannia.